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  • godiets
  • November 29, 2016

Calculator should tell you the Ideal weight according to your height. It also gives you a suggestion for adjusted body weight which is slightly higher than the ideal weight to and leaves some allowance for individual situation.

There have been a lot of researches in regards of the “best” weight for every person so you can find a lot of formulas and different calculation methods. While the question of the ideal weight has not been answered yet, there exist methods which are fairly accurate in assessing the weight that can be considered healthy and “right” for them.

The problem of ideal weight lies in the fact that it should be unique for each person. Taking that into calculation has proven more than difficult. There are also other factors that need to be taken in such as gender, age, genetic dispositions and body frame.

J.D. Robinson Formula (1983) D.R. Miller Formula (1983)
52kg + 1.9 kg per inch over 5 feet (man) 56.2 kg + 1.41 kg per inch over 5 feet (man)
49 Kg + 1.7 kg per inch over 5 feet (woman) 53.1 kg + 1.36 kg per inch over 5 feet (woman)

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