Fasting benefits for good Metabolism

  • godiets
  • September 5, 2019

The practice of fasting and fasting is quite old, which shows the benefits of fasting somewhere.

Generally, in our society, people of almost every religion observe fast or fast in some form or the other. People of the religion of Islam keep fast as Roja whereas in Hinduism fast is kept for various festivals, fasts, and purification of the body.

The process of giving up food and beverages for a certain period of time is called fasting. In other words, the act of not consuming food and water is called fasting. In some cases, people avoid all types of food and drinks except water, but black coffee and tea can be consumed.

There are usually several types of fasting. Every person fasts according to their lifestyle and needs. Let us know about the type of fasting.

1-Water fasting:
In this, the person observes fast throughout the day and the fasting person drinks only water. Other than that, one does not eat other things.

2-Juice fasting:
In such fast, a person drinks only vegetable and fruit juice and does not consume any other food item or drink.

3-Calorie restriction fasting:
In this type of fast, a person restricts calorie intake for a few days every week and during this time does not eat any kind of calorie-rich things.

4- Partial fasting:
This type of fasting is for a short period of time and during this time the person skips processed foods, animal products or caffeine for a specified period.

Fasting is considered a safe way to lose weight. Many studies show that fat cells get damaged within a certain time on fasting due to which a person loses weight very fast. During fasting, the body uses already stored fat and during this time the body gets energy from this fat. Many athletes now resort to fasting to reduce body fat percentage for competitions. So we can say that fasting is one of the easiest and safest way to lose weight.




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