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  • June 24, 2019

Dietician Ekta Jain is the founder of the reputed Godiets Clinic in East Delhi. With 12 years of experience of health and wellness, she has emerged as the best dietitian in east Delhi. Her advice about weight loss is simple.

If you want to feel full and satiated, you need to add fiber to your diet. This means eating lots of whole grains, fresh fruit, and raw vegetables. They fill you up faster and are the best food to digest that makes you feel less swollen and tired. Fibers are the best friends for diet.

The best dietitian in East Delhi also does not like artificial sweeteners and the tendency to make them part of a diet.

It is demonstrated by various scientific studies that artificial sweeteners, far from making them lose weight, contribute to fattening. The problem is not given by the number of calories (which is nothing in sweeteners) but by the signal that reaches the body. The sweet taste of sugar, as well as sweeteners, activates brain-level signals that lead to the search for more sugar and other food, with the result that we tend to eat more at the next meal.

She advises that it is best to give up raw sugar altogether for the best health results.

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Dieticians Ekta Jain is counted in the category of Nutrition as the doctors cure the disease by recommending diet tips so does the dietician. They recommend a diet plan with a list of healthy food. Apart from engineers, doctors, chartered accountant and other professional dietician is a profession which the world is demanding. Day by day new Godiets clinic is opening as like Godiets Clinic Indirapuram last week. Getting hold of the best information on Weight Loss Clinic Vigyan Vihar Delhi can help you to stay fit and active. Research should be made to get the ultimate idea by making your best research.

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